The Law in brief

Offshore companies in Lebanon can undertake the following activities:

  • Negotiate and sign contracts, regarding operations to be executed out of Lebanon.
  • Manage companies whose activities take place outside Lebanon.
  • Operate triangular or multilateral trade operations that take place outside Lebanon.
  • Perform transport activities.
  • Acquire bonds, parts, shares and participations in non-resident foreign companies and provide loans to non-resident companies in which it owns more than 20% of the capital.
  • Acquire rights and/or exploit the rights for licenses of materials and merchandise out of Lebanon.
  • Create branches and representative offices abroad.
  • Open letters of credit and obtain loans from banks and financial institutions in Lebanon and abroad.
  • Rent offices and acquire real estate as necessary for the company’s activities.

Offshore companies in Lebanon are authorized to conduct any form of legal business, apart from insurance, banking, and financial institutions' operations.