Why Incorporate in Lebanon?

Lebanon has established itself as a regional and international center for trade and finance and offers offshore companies a favorable environment for business expansion. Several other factors provide Lebanon with a favorable environment for local and international investments:

  • Free-market policy, liberal economic environment and active entrepreneurial private sector.
  • Prudent banking system plus a free foreign exchange market, full currency convertibility.
  • Complete repatriation of capital and a regulated banking secrecy law.
  • Sophisticated legal framework, which protects the rights and assets of both Lebanese and non-Lebanese investors alike.
  • Liberal economic regime, safe business environment and highly skilled multilingual labor force.
  • Wide array of investment opportunities in all sectors of the economy, while its unique location provides access to a large and booming regional market.
  • Fiscal charges and corporate tax rates are among the lowest in the world

After years of turmoil Lebanon has reestablished itself as a regional and international center for trade, finance, service industry, culture and tourism.